with two designated rooms, the nanny requested me an all purpose room, so her son could have one of his own.

fortunately my clients had amassed furniture and various accoutrements from past homes over the years.

unfortunately none of the objects have any history or meaning to the families to make it look more like theirs, but at least it helps the spaces feel homier.   i hope that they will have a few of their own personal items to add to my mix.

let’s make it an eat-in kitchen!

some before and afters:

as a city dweller, outdoor space is a luxury to me.   i’m especially proud of how i set up an unused and otherwise barren backyard, into two separate outside areas for the families to utilize and enjoy.  anyone up for a bbq?

setting up a room for the baby on the way

some of the details:

the great outdoors:

horse decor was in great supply, so it should have some meaning to a horse trainer.  the green moss balls help bring nature’s warmth indoors.

a collection of bowls makes for an interesting grouping atop the staircase.

i took advantage of the long hallway as a gallery for some cowboy photographs, while setting up a focal point at the end of the hall.

from the look of this address on the outside, i knew that there would be problems to address on the inside...

now that’s what i call living...in a living room