the tv was positioned at a neck stretching angle relative to the sofa because the cable jack and outlets were directly behind it.  don’t you hate that!

the short shelving unit was shoved into a strange little architectural alcove.  who designed this place?  there are those kids’ pics...and their abundance of toys!

i created my own counter angle to the alcove by placing the shelving unit  catty corner in it.  the rest of the furniture layout followed from there.

by placing the area rug at the same angle as the tv, it created a flow towards the couch in a more inviting way...even if it is just cartoons.

triple Xtra: some top shelf ideas

my favorite thing to do is merchandise the things that people have.  in this case, there wasn’t a lot of stuff so i grabbed anything that wasn’t nailed down, made some stuff out of nothing, cleaned up what i could, and put it all together.   it’s easier than how it reads, but this is what i did...

it’s amazing what a black or brown sharpie can do for covering up nicks and scratches

this kid’s colored pencil set was interesting and colorful enough to use

the lack of books was supplemented by the wooden picture frames that the children’s photos  were in.  that’s like two birds with one stone.

more picture frames stacked together to mimic books and placed low in the sightline allows the heaviness to ground the unit

sparkly holiday candles that were lying around or any candles are great fillers

hide the unsightly wear and tear on the edges by once again with a sharpie

an unused vase is perfect for adding height, and if i had time i would have bought branches or dried flowers to fill it.

negative space is just as important as filling space

always keep in mind your audience’s sightline when deciding where to place things

create groupings and pair like objects

spread out and balance the heaviness and lightness