i put the wall mirror formerly mounted in the corner to create drama in the entry way for promo materials.


the lovely and talented layla joy herself!

these tapestry curtains were stodgy and unremovable, but by tucking them up into the valences and keeping the sheer under curtains i lost their eternal stuffiness and kept the etherial loveliness.

with the leftovers, i was able to even brand the bathroom for the total layla joy experience.

clear acrylic shoe boxes, also from the container store did double duty as a display box and stand.

the details:

not being a huge fan of the colonial style brass floor lamps that came with the room, I dumped the shades and tucked them behind the shelves to create cool backlighting.  for more shoes visit laylajoy.comhttp://www.laylajoy.com/shapeimage_7_link_0

this headboard, mirror, and painting were mounted to the wall, but we're the first things that had to disappear in order to highlight the shoes.  setting up the shelves catty corner softened the stifling boxiness of the room.

the mix and match of old world with the new allowed me to work with an eclectic furniture and pattern selection ...hotel decor can be so boringly matchy-matchy.  this plaid bench mellowed considerably by borrowing these pink sofa throw cushions to create a mini-sitting area.  while the chinese print planter  and end table add interest