sorry, i didn’t take a before pic, but i transformed this space into a bright and colorful, functional with flow, and super fabulous living area.


we took the drab couch, and popped it with some accent throw pillows that also made the rose painting come alive.  the old and boring, matching throw pillows were moved to the bedroom to add fullness to the bed.   in the far corner, a mirror instead of the picture helps to subtly brighten the room by reflecting in the window light.

although i wish i took a better before picture, this line of framed photographs didn’t suit the wall space relative to the size, and so i moved them to the dining area down below.   the shelves just need a little luvin’ and homestyling!  adding some greenery always livens a space, and the extra seating stool stays handy when used as a pedestal.

again, i didn’t take a before shot because often i just get so inspired to make transformations that i get ahead of myself and just forget to take it.  the new photograph arrangement and this new area rug help delineate the dining area apart from the rest of the room.  the place mats make for a colorful runner, and of course everyone deserves fresh flowers.

the curtain had to go to let in the light (trust me, even though i accidentally cropped it out of the pic).  although this was a good spot for this small desk, a better placement of pictures makes it cozier, while the hanging light creates height and interest.

ok, this is my last apology for not having a before pic, but the before and after was extreme.   although a larger mirror would have been more spectacular (and more expensive), this mirror reflects in the light from the one window in the room, and is angled down for effect.  better placement of the fridge and stove created more breathing space.  from my last posting the repurposing of the dresser also helps to “enclose” the kitchen area as well as provide more counter space.


although this triple transformation posting was not about the bedroom, these last before and after shots show the benefit of re-organizing, re-storing, and re-moving to make a tre-mendous difference in the appearance of the bedroom.